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Some of our locals may remember how long it took for Island Spa & Sauna to fully open its doors. It was a long toiled journey of trying to finish this project, but it was well worth the wait. Island Spa and Sauna was able to finally open in June of 2015 due to a family oriented team of passionate members with different qualities in management, art and design, engineering, and marketing. They stepped in and were able to use their God given talent to bring something wonderful to their future customers.

Island Spa and Sauna’s logo consists of 7 dots representing the days of the week where people all over the world work and influence everyone those around them. We’ve created Island Spa and Sauna to remind you that through your hard work every week, never forget to reward and recharge yourself for all the accomplishments that you have achieved and to never stop living to your full potential.

Through implementations of our 7 values: family, visionary, mindfulness, equality, teamwork, restoration, and authenticity/culture commitment — We are here to provide you an extraordinary spa experience that’s all about our guests. We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our Island Spa family.