All Changes WILL START October 1st, 2018

Click to see the changes in each category.

Admission prices will increase, with more simplified services and discounted categories.


  • Weekday - $35 Monday thru Friday

  • Weekend - $40 Saturday & Sunday

  • Night Owl Special - $25 Monday thru Thursday after 8:30pm

  • Student, First Responders & Military - $27 Monday thru Thursday

  • Admission Passes - 10 passes for $290

Body Scrubs: (updated services)

  • Signature Body Glow is being discontinued
  • Women’s Body Scrub Special - $130 (90 minutes // Korean style full body exfoliation using a textured glove that removes dead skin cells and layers of impurities. Stimulates circulation and leaves your skin silky smooth. Complemented with a soothing hair wash, a fresh cucumber mask, a relaxing oil rub, and a milk rinse. Add Lavender Aroma Oil for $10)

Skin Care: (updated price and service revamps)

  • Quick Fix Facial - $65 (30 minutes // A basic skin care treatment that serves all the essential purposes of a facial within a convenient amount of time. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, face massage, and mask. Extraction not included)

  • Biodroga Essential Facial - $100 (60 minutes // This classic facial replenishes the skin to its natural moisture content and suppleness. Includes skin analysis, exfoliation, light extraction of impurities, facial massage, a customized mask, and nourishment.)

  • Hydra Clean Facial - $120 (70 minutes // Designed to clear congested pores and clarify the skin, this is the all around facial treatment for a deep cleansing. Includes an enzyme and nutrient formulated mask to promote deep pore cleansing and extraction of dirt and impurities.)

  • Acne Treatment - $150 (90 minutes // An acne focused facial treatment to help clear blemishes for improved skin texture and complexion.)

  • Caviar Radiance Facial - $120 (70 minutes // Caviar proteins and lactic acid are used to maximize the skin’s functioning in order to restore the skin’s natural complexion, vitality, and resilience.)

  • Men’s Facial - $100 (60 minutes // Focuses on a deep cleansing that restores vitality and reduces razor irritation and clogged pores. Includes exfoliation, light extraction of impurities, facial massage, and a purifying mask.)

  • Collagen Anti-Aging Facial - $120 (60 minutes // This is a anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm, and brighten the skin Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles evens out the skin tone.)

VIP Body Treatments: (revamped selections)

  • Scalp Treatment - $60 (30 minutes // A scalp treatment that works to prevent hair loss and promote restoration with a deep pressure aromatic hair massage.)

  • Aromatice Sweet Sugar Scrub: - $120 (60 minutes // Full body exfoliation which will leave your skin smooth by eliminating the dead skin cells and impurities, allowing the easy absorption of any moisturizing agent for healthier skin.(Includes private rose petal bath soak)

  • 10 Women Body Scrub Special - $1200
  • 10 Men's Body Scrub Plus - $850
  • 10 Body Massage Package - $850
  • 10 Foot Reflexology Package - $850
  • 10 HydraClean Facial - $1100

We are looking forward to your continued patronage despite this increase, and

we hope that you see that the Island Spa & Sauna experience is worth every dollar!